What we do

We thrive thanks to the diversity of the works we produce.

Motion Design

Animation is our N°1 strength, and it can help you on a wide variety of ways!


  • Company presentation
  • Product demo
  • Crowdfunding campaign video
  • Event communication
  • Explainer video
  • More...

Video Production

A quality video is often the key to success!
Our production team is here to make sure you get what you need: Event/Festival Aftermovie, Music video production, Interview, Crowdfunding campaign video, Advertising, for the web or TV, and more...


3D production

3D is an amazing way to visualise something that doesn't exist! Need a product packshot to convince investors? Need a model for a game project, or simply want to better visualise your future house?


  • Architecture renders
  • Logo animation bumper
  • Proof of concept
  • Virtual tour
  • Game/movie asset

Art Direction

We can take over the whole design side of almost any project for you. Or maybe you need an experienced designer or illustrator to define a style for your next project? We'll be glad to offer our services, working in collaboration with your team. We can create killer concept arts, expressive storyboards and trendy illustrations!


Website Design

Just started your company, asbl/vzw or professionnal activity? Your website is old and out of style? It doesn't work on mobile devices?
Well, time to do something about it! Tell us about your needs and we'll work together on making you the best website possible, with the latest tech and design trends !


Print Design

A cool business card is the key to impress, but that's not all! Flyers, rollups, posters, magazine ads, folders, stickers, branded gifts, reusable glasses... There's a lot we can do together!


Brand/Identity Design

Your branding is something not to ignore if you want people to remember what you stand for! It defines who you are in the eyes of you audience, it's something you can't overlook. It's going to be everywhere on your communication, so... let's make it pop!


3D Printing

Our team can help you conceptualise and prototype your projects with rapid prototyping, and also produce small quantities of unique goodies (like... say, keyrings?) for your clients. Interested in learning how it works and/or how to create for 3D printing? We can teach you!


Want to know more ? Can't find what you're looking for ?
Don't hesitate to ask, all our services are taylor-made !

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