Art Direction

Get your project right, from the beginning to the end.

Art Direction is extremely important in a project, it defines the whole design part of it, from concepts to final delivery. It's important to plant good roots for a project, but it's equaly as important as to follow the whole project and make sure it doesn't go off tracks. Consistency is key.


Concept art

Concept Art

A project has to start somewhere. From character design to styleframes, we're able to move ideas from words to images and give the project the initial spark of life.

Storyboarding services


Pre-production is an essential part you don't want to overlook. Our experts ensure the timing will be right when adding visuals to the script, so there's no blank anywhere.

Illustration by Eve Brengard


Characters, backgrounds, objects, illustrations can be everywhere: from web design to VFX productions or postcard design, a beautiful illustration makes you stand out!

Project supervision

Project supervision

The role of an Art Director doesn't stop at "providing a good starting point", it also includes a global follow-up of the visual side of your project. The A.D. will notice the small details that may be off :)



Step 1


It's very important for the Art Director to understand the project: what, why, for who? etc. That way, it's possible to ensure maximum efficiency, on top of "making it look stunning".


Step 2


Time to get to work and define the guidelines/art for the project, maybe in collaboration with your design team?


Step 3


If we work with your creatives on the project, you can still count on us to follow the development of the project, even once our "part" is finished.