Brand & Identity Design

Translate who you are and what you stand for in a beautiful logo.

Your branding is something not to ignore if you want people to remember what you stand for! It defines who you are in the eyes of you audience, it's something you can't overlook. It's going to be everywhere on your communication, so... let's make it pop!

What we offer

Logo design

Logo design

The core of any visual identity is the logo. It is by itself the window on your entire company or project. Getting a logo made professionnaly really makes you stand out.

Design guidelines

Design guidelines

A logo by itself isn't always enough. You'll need the guidelines on how to use it right, what colors to choose, what font to use... So everything in your communication is coherent.

Business cards design

Business cards

This small piece of papier very often represents the first approach of your company your clients get. It's essential to get it right: right design, right paper, right finish...



Alongside the business card design, we can work together on how to make your Word documents look in line with the rest of your printed media; or maybe you need a personalised newsletter design?



Step 1


It's very important to take your time when working on a branding. We'll need to learn the essence of the company, person of organization that will be behind it.


Step 2

Design process

We'll come up with a few ideas to you and you'll choose what you prefer, then we'll refine the designs untill it's perfect!


Step 3

Be visible

That's it, you have your branding, and it's time to show it to everyone! Check with us if we can help in any idea you have for your communication!