Motion Design

Animation is the best way to get your message across.

What is motion design, you ask? It's a set of animation and design techniques focused on visual beauty and seamless transitions, while making your message as clear as it gets by getting to its roots! You're in luck: it's our specialty! Plus: powerpoints are boring, that's a fact. We can do all sorts of things with motion design, so we just listed a few examples below.


Explainer video

Explainer video

Your new app needs a tutorial? Your online customers are lost at some point? Or the new kitchen blender you just released needs to be cleaned in a specific way? Let us help you with that!

Company presentation

Company Presentation

Your company offer an amazing, new and innovative service? Tell the world about it with a short video!



Powerpoints are boring. Showing your figures can be good looking and entertaining! Wether it's for an annual report or to educate your viewers on a specific subject, animation is here!

Crowdfunding campaign

Crowdfunding campaign

Aha! You are here with your amazing invention that is going to change the world, and it's prooved that a killer, pro-looking video helps crowdfunding campaigns!

Event communication

Event communication

Social networks are the center of today's communication, and video is the content that works best on it! Let's craft a trailer for your event together!

TV or web advertising

TV & Web advertising

Advertise your products or services using a good-looking and appealing animation video, specially conceived with your target audience in mind!



Step 1

Script & Voiceover

A good video always start with a good script, before visuals are created, and that's something we can also help you with. If there is a voice on the video, the script is what the voiceover artist will read and what will lead the story. Once we have that, we can start casting the perfect voice !


Step 2

Design & Storyboard

Then, we move on to the design part: we'll come to you with a few different visual concepts, and once we agree on the direction to take, we'll draft a clear storyboard so we're sure that we are on the right track.


Step 3

Animation & Sound

It's not time to bring those designs to life, to make those characters move! We do the magic and keep you posted while we do it. As a final touch, we ad a nice background music and some nifty sound effects to make it pop !