Video Production

Film has been mesmerizing people for more than 100 years, why stop now?

Emotions, trust, memory... There's a lot of things a film video can trigger in it's audience. It can be narrative or recaptitulative, written or on-the go documentary-like. Sometimes, you just need you and a video camera, some other times, you need professionnals to acheive the perfect result.


Product Demo

Product demo

Your new app needs a tutorial? Your online customers are lost at some point? Our the new kitchen blender you just released needs to be cleaned in a specific way? Let us help you with that!



Aaah, those 3 days of festival were amazing! That conference was incredible! If only everybody could get a glimpse of how it was... Wait! We're here to immortalize the best moments of your events!



We all have in mind the iconic videos from Apple: people talking with passion, white background, and beautiful images of the product, its manufacturing process... Well, the receipe works!


Crowdfunding campaign

Aha! You are here with your amazing invention that is going to change the world, and it's prooved that a killer, pro-looking video helps crowdfunding campaigns!



Plain and simple: a person talking to the camera to announce a new product, service, ideas, or answer questions. It might seem easy, but you need to get it right!

TV or web Advertizing

TV & Web advertising

Because there's not only yoghurt and shampoo ads on TV. There's room for your ad! And with the boom of online advertizing on video platforms such as youtube, it doesn't have to be that expensive to reach your audience!



Step 1


A lot if things need to happen before we even start filming: define what you want and what you need, write a script, scout for locations, make sure of everyone's availabilities, maybe even rehearse...


Step 2


Action! The video shoot is of course the center of the process, as we need to capture the perfect images. Efficiency is the keyword here. Cut!


Step 3


Whoaw! We where on shoot during 2 days with you, and we have more than 3 hours of video! That's why we need to edit it, narrow it down, decide what to keep and what to get rid of... And of course, brand it to your colors and maybe add a music to it?